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Our all-Oakland Structures podcast spectacular

December 8, 2017
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By   –  Multimedia producer, San Francisco Business Times

The subject of how Oakland’s real estate market is changing was top of our minds for our massive Oakland Structures special issue, which delved into the city’s commercial, residential and retail market.

It’s also the subject of this week’s Structures podcast, where we explore more deeply some of the issues laid out in the special section. First up was a discussion on the possible revitalization of West Oakland, the city’s perpetual “neighborhood of the future” where we discuss not only the projects and developers looking to transform the area, but also how their current efforts fit into larger historical trends.

Then the team moves the focus downtown, which is seeing both a boom in commercial and residential activity. Some of the questions explored include emerging trends in office leasing and forecasting how some of the high-rise structures rapidly being constructed could affect the city’s central core.

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Rents are plunging in the most expensive markets

November 2, 2016

Business Insider

Demand is drying up in the priciest markets. On the surface, rents, when averaged out across the US, still rose in October, though way slower than during the landlord’s golden days, with one-bedroom median asking rent up 1.5% year-over-year and two-bedroom rent up 2.5%, according to Zumper’s Rent Report. But beneath the surface, a sea change is underway. Zumper: Among the top ten rental markets, we saw declines in both of the most expensive markets, San Francisco and New York. Read Full Story

The 5 most isolated houses in the world

October 24, 2016


Which of these homes would you take if they were offered for free?

Every now and then we all dream of living a peaceful and quiet life off the grid. Maybe the thought creeps up on us when work is starting to feel like Groundhog Day, or perhaps it’s just an ongoing internal longing for some real isolation.

On this note, I’ve gathered some of the most secluded houses in the world.

So take a few minutes and venture away from the cramped crowds and tedious traffic by picturing yourself relocating to these dwellings far, far away from civilisation – even if it’s just through the land of your imagination.

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2016 Real Estate Trends April-June vs July-Sep

October 5, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I compiled data for different cities for $1MM-$2MM and $2MM-$5MM properties.

Generally speaking, the $1MM-$2MM market has softened across all markets with sales prices down, $/square foot down, % over list down and days on market up.

 The data for $2MM-$5MM market is less stable as there are fewer transactions.  However, the market in Lamorinda seems to have softened while the market in Oakland/Berkeley/Piedmont is up slightly.  With this range, a single outlier can impact the averages significantly.

Please see the attached PDF and feel free to share with your clients.


Come on over to Oakland, the hottest spot in the Bay

August 19, 2016


Property Porn: Governor Jerry Brown’s Oakland Home Sells Below Asking at $2.4 Million

August 11, 2016


Oakland Airport soars to highest ridership in 8 years

August 2, 2016

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Where to put your money: Here are the East Bay’s best up-and-coming neighborhoods

July 26, 2016

San Francisco’s largest office landlord moves to build housing in Oakland

July 6, 2016 7.5.16


May 31, 2016

One of a kind custom built lagoon home with incredible views.

Has a cool Rat Pack feel!