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Introducing the 2006-2010 Caldecott Club Winners

February 15, 2011

Since Caldecott Properties began in 2005, we have always wanted to honor our top agents. Now that we have 5 full years behind us and over 30 agents on our roster, we feel that we can adequately reward them.
We are excited to announce the “Caldecott Club” – a label given to the top producing sales associate for each full year that we have been in business. The award goes to the agent who brings in the greatest amount of gross commissions for a calendar year, including sales, leasing and property management.
The following list of people are the top producers for each of Caldecott’s first five full calendar years:

(drumroll please)…
2006: Pier Porrino
2007: Michael Braillard
2008: Mario Feusier
2009: Brad Watson
2010: Pier Porrino

Congratulations to Pier Porrino for being our first repeat Club Member!

To honor these recipients, each agent will receive new business cards with embossed Caldecott Club logos and will be listed on a new web page that will be live shortly.

Honorable Mention: Two people who just fell short of being the top producer for the year: Derek Wagley (2009) and Paul DiLeo (2010).
Thank you everyone for making Caldecott’s first five years so special.

We wouldn’t be here without you!

 Andy Read + Michelle Vasey, Brokers
Caldecott Properties