Tired of Managing Your Own Leased Residential Property? Keep Reading…

The New Year is a great time to step back and take a look at how things are going and make some decisions for going forward. In the real estate and property management world, it is especially true in my opinion. And when it comes to managing ones own residential rental properties, I speak from personal experience. Having owned a large Oakland Hills home for eleven years that has been leased for a number of years, I was tired of managing my own property. There was always something to be tended to and it was a chore. I felt guilty feeling that way. Plus given my profession, it was about “the shoemaker’s son who had no shoes” or so it seemed. I had to make myself do it.

Funny thing though – I enjoy working on other owners’ properties. I feel an immense sense of accomplish as delivering timely, professional, quality service. I enjoy the interactions with tenants, landlords, and service providers. It is a business custom made for me as a former executive in customer service consulting.

Our focus is clear: find out what landlords want and need to feel to make owning their properties satisfying. At Caldecott, we specialize in giving landlords the support they need and often don’t get. I call it peace of mind. From market assessment to coordinating the leasing process to building and maintaining healthy, positive tenant relations, to responsible, quality maintenance of the property and its subsequent enhanced market value in the longer term, we provide second to none service. That means communicating to parties in an honest and transparent way. Sure, weve had our moments and we own up to them. Its the right thing to do.

So, are you tired of managing your own properties yet? If you have a condo, loft and single family home in the Oakland/Piedmont/Berkeley corridor of the East Bay, check us out to kick start the conversation that you keep having with yourself every year. This year can be different.

Click here for more information about Caldecott’s Property Management.

Ron Reece, Realtor, CCRM, SRES
Director, Property Management Services
Caldecott Properties
5251 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618
m 510.388.3238, o 510.594.2400 x226, f 510.594.2424


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