The Effect of Litigation on the Value of Condos

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Attached is a summary comparing The Sierra, a condo building in Jack London Square, with other comparable buildings in the area that do not have pending litigation.  The comparison is for 2007 (arguably the height of the market) with 2010 (through 11/4/2010).  The data shows that values at The Sierra declined 54-55%, while the other buildings declined 17-25%.  The impact of the litigation which was filed in 2009 more than doubled the negative impact of the declining market.  This represents a negative impact of ~$150,000/unit.  This figure likely outweighs the potential upside of the litigation by 5-10x.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this data or the impacts of pending litigation. 


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One Response to “The Effect of Litigation on the Value of Condos”

  1. john glynn Says:

    The long term cost of real estate is a function of A) the cost of the asset and B) the cost of financing.

    Most lenders will not allow a buyer to borrow money to purchase a condo in a project with pending litigation. So I’d assume that the transfers that did take place did so with private loans or as cash transactions. And since private loans can be significantly more costly, in these cases, the likely price a buyer is willing to pay is going to be lower to compensate for higher financing costs.

    great case study.


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