Oakland Builders Alliance Endorses Perata for Mayor

Group supports candidates who can rescue Oakland fiscally, and re-energize the local economy

(Oakland, CA)—On August 11, 2010, the 17 member board of the Oakland Builders Alliance, the influential group focused on building, economic growth, and job creation in the construction sector in Oakland, CA voted unanimously to endorse Don Perata for Mayor of Oakland in the upcoming November, 2010 election.

The board of the OBA recognized that the next Mayor will be confronted with a worsening fiscal climate in coming years, creating even direr budget conditions for the city.

“Managing this crisis will be less about ideas, and more about successfully wrestling with multiple entrenched interests. Oakland needs a Mayor that can lead a three ring circus, while simultaneously taming lions. Don Perata is the only candidate capable of doing this,” stated Carlos Plazola, Chair of the Oakland Builders Alliance.

The board considered ranked-choice endorsements and dual endorsements, but by the end of deliberations, it became abundantly clear that the only person capable of turning the city around in a hurry was Don Perata.

“As a contractor, I have to make hard decisions in balancing my company’s budget—that includes layoffs, pay-cuts, and flattening out our organizational chart. The city of Oakland needs to get serious about doing the same. Perata will make it happen,” said Joe Sarapachillo, Chair of the Contractor’s Committee of the OBA.

Other candidates endorsed by the Oakland Builders Alliance included:

Courtney Ruby for Oakland City Auditor: Auditor Ruby has consistently shown her commitment to take on tough issues and tough special interests to make sure Oakland is functioning effectively and honestly. We are proud to endorse Courtney for another term.

Pat Kernighan for Council District Two: Councilmember Kernighan won the support of the board based on her knowledge of, and commitment to, restructuring Oakland’s broken pension system that threatens to undermine the city’s ability to deliver quality services to its residents. Her experience will be vital to Oakland’s ability to navigate the coming years.

Endorsement for Council District Four: While there are several strong candidates running, no one candidate was able to acquire the necessary votes from the board to win an endorsement.

Desley Brooks for Council District Six: Councilmember Brooks, who has always been strong on business matters, shares a strong commitment with the OBA to create jobs and revenue by redeveloping blighted or under-developed areas of Oakland. Her understanding of the need to make hard decisions to balance Oakland’s budget also won her the endorsement from the board.

For more information about the OBA, visit their website at www.oaklandbuilders.org.

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